Terms of Agreement

By opting in to the electronic communications program, you are agreeing to the following provisions:

  • You have access to a computer, with browser and printer, and connection to the internet, which allows you to view the Alaska Teamsters website.
  • You agree that the Trust Office will cease to send you paper copies by U.S. Mail of such general documents and communications as the following:
    • Summary Plan Descriptions
    • Summary Annual Reports
    • Summaries of Material Modifications
    • Newsletters
    • Other General Communications
  • You agree to notify the Trust if your email address changes. Also, you agree to ensure that you take any necessary steps so that your spam filtering does not block email from the Trust's address: info@959trusts.com
  • You understand that you can request a paper copy of any of the communications covered under this program be mailed to you.
  • You understand that you can terminate participation in this program at any time, and resume receiving printed communications by postal service.
  • Yes - I have read and understood the provisions of the electronic communications.
  • I agree - I agree to the terms and conditions of the electronic communications program as stated above.
    I do not agree