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The Electronic Communications program is part of an ongoing effort of the Plans to make it easier and faster for participants to get important Plan information. In addition, by using electronic communications, there is a substantial reduction of the costs associated with paper/U.S. Mail communications. These factors help to bring a higher level of service to Plan Participants.

The first phase of the electronic communications plan was the creation and deployment of the static website on which you are viewing this document. Recently, the Trusts began offering online access to claims information and contribution history. The next phase, introduced here, is the communication of general plan information by a combination of email and this website. Participation in this program is voluntary. If you take no action, you will continue to receive all communications from the Plans via printed material sent by U.S. Mail.

How it Works

All participants will be sent an "activation key" via U.S. Mail (or by email, if you have already registered for claim information access). After receiving the activation key, you will need to go to the Plan website (www.959trusts.com) and go to the electronic communication activation page.

There you will be asked to input your activation key and your email address. The page will also ask you for the last four digits of your Social Security number and for your date of birth. When these items match the information on file for you, your email address will be stored and you will be set up for future electronic communications.

From then on you will receive an email whenever a communication is prepared by the Plans such as the availability of an explanation of benefits for a health claim, a Summary Plan Description, notice of changes in the benefit programs, or Summary Annual Report.

The email will explain the purpose and importance of the communication and provide you with links to the document and/or web pages on the site which contain the communication. If the communication is confidential, such as claims information, you will be given a link to a secure login page where you can view the information securely.

Important Notes

  • Personal or private information will be made available on the Internet only via secure, password protected, encrypted channels.
  • Participation is completely voluntary, if you decide you don't like getting communications this way, you can opt out at any time.
  • If you choose to participate in the program, you can still request a paper copy of any specific communication from the Plans.